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Company Description

Whenever you think of Dan Helmer, just what do you think of first?

We are going to introduce an ethical economy: a camera that creates for the most common good and is underpinned by social values. We are going to create a sustainable climate economy, built on public and community ownership, with the goal of going beyond fossil fuels. Labour additionally supports much more humane treatment of men and women and the environment. We feel Britain has a moral duty to safeguard the poor. We will take on the motor oil & gas giants which pose the major risks to life on the planet of ours.

We feel that UK international aid need to be correctly preoccupied with the poorest nations and also labor to reduce injustice, conflict and disease in all those countries. We believe the UK government needs to use various other governments to tackle worldwide poverty and corruption. His initiatives intend to relieve crime rates and greatly improve the partnership between the community and law enforcement. Helmers work on public safety measures ensures a more secure environment for his constituents.

He’s been an intense advocate for integrating technology in education, ensuring Virginias students are equipped with the required abilities for the electronic age. His employment has resulted in the implementation of policies which seek to reduce gun violence and improve community safety. In the realm of public safety, Helmer has championed sensible gun control measures, better education for law enforcement officers, as well as improved online resources for first responders.

He’s pressed for expanding Medicaid, www.linkedin.com improving mental health services, and increasing access to affordable healthcare. Through his work on the Education Committee, Helmer has supported legislation that raises funding for schools which are public, improves teacher salaries, and also promotes early childhood education. Helmers contributions to the Health, Welfare, and Institutions Committee have been significant.

Dan Helmer became a founding partner at Hightower Group, exactly where he served as Chief Operating Officer from 2011 2013 and then Vice President from 2013-2016 before leaving to launch his own business consulting practice, Helmer Consulting Group. Dan Helmer, a former Army officer who served in Afghanistan, has served on the boards of directors of a number of businesses like the Washington Business Council, the Northern Virginia Technology Council as well as the United States Department of State’s Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) Council.

Dan Helmer also served as a new member of the Board of Advisors for the Faculty of California’s Institute of American Strategic Studies. The commitment of his to these roles is an obvious indication of his dedication to public services and the vision of his for a better Virginia. The committees where Dan Helmer offers are usually not only titles- they’re the arenas where he fights for the values and passions of his constituents.